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Conditions and Terms of Sales


All quotations are subject to change without notice, and unless otherwise agreed, are for immediate acceptance. All orders are accepted subject to strikes, accidents and other unavoidable delays. No orders are accepted unless properly ratified by our Order Department.


Terms of payment are shown on each invoice. Products are subject to terms of net 30 days with 1/2% discount for cash in 10 days from the date of the invoice (1/2% - 10 net 30). Interest of 3% is charged on balances not paid by 60 days.


All orders are subject to the approval of our Credit Department. When placing your initial order, please furnish sufficient information upon which to base a line of credit.


Confirmation of telephone orders in writing should be clearly marked confirming across the face of the order. Telephone orders are accepted at the risk of the purchaser, if processing or shipment has commenced before receipt of confirmation.


Orders cannot be cancelled or modified except with our consent and are subject to conditions agreed upon. We will cancel an order when the request is received before the materials are cut or prepared for shipment.


Special material is not subject to cancellation without our written consent. Delivery on special orders is estimated as closely as possible. We will do our best to deliver within the time mentioned, although we cannot guarantee to do so.


Stenographic and clerical errors are subject to corrections. Errors in shipments, shortaged or damaged material should be noted on the delivery ticket and reported to our office immediately.


There are no warranties, express or implied, except that all goods shall conform to their description, subject however, to tolerances and variations permitted hereunder.


All goods shall be subject to tolerances and variations consistent with usual trade practices regarding dimensions, straightness, section, composition and mechanical properties and normal variations in surface and internal conditions and quality and shall also be subject to deviations from tolerances and variations consistent with practical testing and inspection methods.


If material received does not conform with specifications or trade tolerances, please notify us immediately and give us a reasonable opportunity to inspect the material; however, discontinue its use. No material should be returned without our consent. Material proved defective or incorrect will be replaced with a new material as quickly as possible. No charges for labor or other expenses will be allowed. Also, we must be notified in writing within 30 days after receipt of any claims against us for such goods. Any shipment lost or damaged by a common carrier must be reported to the carrier direct within 24 hours of receipt for such goods.


Your exclusive remedy for breach of contract as to any goods, or our only liability for any such breach, shall be replacement or repair of such goods, or repayment to you of the purchase price paid by you for such goods. In no event will we be liable for incidental consequential damages.