Peerless Steel 7th Annual Baconfest


Peerless Steel will host their 7th annual BaconFest on Friday, Jun 9, 2017. BaconFest is a celebration of friendship, partnership and eating! This event is held as a way for customers to meet each other, the Peerless staff, and our suppliers. Please consider joining us to learn more about the company, receive a shop tour, and partake in a crazy collection of Bacon creations. It is estimated this year we will have more than thirty dishes containing at least fifty percent bacon per dish, plus a pig roast.


In our continuing effort to give back to the community Peerless Steel’s BaconFest doubles as also a fundraising opportunity for KnowResolve.  KnowResolve is a 501 (c)(3) Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting mental health and reducing youth suicides through outreach, advocacy, and education. Their goals are to increase help-seeking behavior, connect teens and young adults to available resources, promote the development of healthy coping skills and promote relationship-building among students on school campuses. To join in the fundraising efforts, please visit the link below to donate:


To receive more information, or to learn how to attend, contact your Peerless Steel representative today or reach us at

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