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January, 2012

Scrap Prices Will Jump In January
The domestic scrap surcharge will rise in January aer a dip in December. It will jump $2.75/cwt back up to $17.25/cwt, marking a complete recovery from Decemberís $14.50/cwt number. The jump is a*ributed to reluctance by dealers to sell scrap in December at lower numbers, coupled by strong domestic and foreign demand... (More)

Base Price
In November, domestic mills announced a base price increase of $50/ton on all carbon and alloy non-plate products. Initially, the increase struggled to gain trac on and was pushed back to January 1, 2012... (More)

Avg Inv Cost At All-Time Highs
Average cost of service center inventories are at all-time highs heading into 2012. Although scrap alone never reached 2008 levels, the combination of scrap and base price increases have matched the market peak in August 2008... (More)

Plate Prices To Increase Another $50/Ton
SSAB Americas and Mi*al have announced another $50/ton base price increase on all transaction prices for carbon and alloy plate. The increases will go into effect January of 2012. Although not confirmed, heat treated prices could go up more than the original $50/ton announcement. This follows another $50/ton increase that took place in December.

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