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September, 2014

Peerless Steel's New Wheels
We have replaced and added to our fleet of rigs in their noticeable Peerless Steel blue. With the addition of the new trucks, more next day deliveries can be made locally, and routes that took longer for one driver can be divided into two sections. "When tomorrow is too late, call Peerless Steel today."

Steel Base Prices Increase - Again
September's steel prices increased for the third time in six months. And we're not done...

Time to Stock Up?
With steel prices increasing and lead times predicted to be 20-24 weeks by year's end, is now the time to stock up?

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August, 2014

People On The Move. A busy time as Peerless announces several job promotions and one notable retirement in Grandville and Troy.

Market Pulse. Prices and mill lead times continue to trend upward.

China Pledges to Reduces Production, while keeping pace with record output.

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August BONUS!
Late-breaking news...

Stagnant Steel. Reports show that the demand for Steel is stagnant for the first time in more than four years. Purchasing usually slows before a decrease; however there is a cost increase on its way.

Economy on the Rise. The United States' economy has been on a steady climb for the last 18 months. Housing permits are the greatest restricting factor, but improving financial conditions and positive trends in the labor market are helping, too.

Best Wishes. With more than 30 years of service to the Peerless Steel, Grandville branch, long-time branch manager Gary Bradley is moving on to new adventures. We'll miss him, but wish him the best.

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Peerless Steel is Hiring! Peerless Steel is hiring in both the shop and in sales. For more information, click here.

Troy Bacon Fest Raises Funds For Suicide Awareness

Troy-based company Peerless Steel recently hosted their 4th Annual BaconFest to support a local Michigan charity, KnowResolve. More than 200 suppliers, patrons, and employees joined forces to raise money and share bacon. An array of more than 80 dishes contained bacon as the main ingredient to raise more than $3,000 in support of KnowResolve.

Read Full Article at The Oakland Press

July, 2014

Peerless Steel Gives Back
This past weekend, Peerless Steel hosted their 4th Annual Bacon Fest. A wide spread of bacon dishes were shared. Not only was this event a great way to meet with customers and suppliers, it was also a great opportunity to give back to our community.
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Up, Up And Away
It was reported in June that steel prices are increasing at their fastest rate since the recession. This is due to several factors, including the situation in Ukraine, massive run-ups in expensive elements like Chrome and Vanadium and an improving European business climate. Domestic mills have increased prices twice in the last 90 days with a third increase expected mid-summer. (Read More)

Machine Tool Consumption Trending Upwards!
Machine Tool consumption was consistent through the fourth quarter of 2013. The intense winter of 2013/2014 affected all aspects of the steel industry, but consumption levels are increasing. This is a good sign for our customers and our industry. (Read More)

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