Carbon Steel

Peerless Steel stocks low-carbon, medium-carbon and high-carbon steel grades cut-to-order. Delivery is available from our three Midwest locations.

When it comes to delivery, Peerless Steel has no competition.

Carbon Steel Grades Sizes in Stock
C - 1018 Cold Finished Flat & Squares thru 6 x 10, Hex's, and Rounds thru 18-1/4" - Over 400 sizes in stock.
C - 12L14 CF Rounds 1/8" thru 3-1/2"
1117 HR & 11L17 CF Rounds 1/4" thru 10"
1045 CF & HR Rounds 1/4" thru 12"
1060 CD Flats & Squares and HR Plate thru 7" Thick
STRESSPROOF* Ground & Polished and Cold Drawn Rounds thru 4-1/2"

C-1018 Cold Finished Steel

A low carbon steel available in the largest selection of sizes, usually used as a general purpose steel as it is readily formed, welded, forged for machinability and good bending and forming qualities.

C-11L17 Cold Finished and Hot Rolled Steel

A low carbon, high manganese resulphurized steel with lead added for better machinability and surface finish. The higher manganese content makes it especially good for case hardening applications, with excellent core properties.

STRESSPROOF* Cold finished and Ground & Polished

A modified medium carbon and higher managnese chemistry steel which has been severely cold worked producing high tensile properties while still maintaining free machinability.

C-1045 Cold Finished and Hot Rolled Steel

A medium carbon steel that may be used where greater strength and hardness is required. C-1045 will respond to heat treatment and is suitable for both flame and induction hardening for a variety of high-strength applications.

C-1060 Cold Finished Steel

This is fine-grained high carbon steel that is designed primarily for high surface hardness applications. Flame hardening produces an extremely high hardness on the surface with a more ductile core and may be used on applications requiring tough wear surfaces.

KLEEN KUT 20 Sawed Steel Bars (Free Machining)

This improved chemistry provides an excellent steel with good machinability for gage bases and other applications.

Carbon Bar - Processing Services

  • Production Cutting
  • Special Cutting
  • Flat Grinding - Centerless Grinding
  • Machining
  • Straightening
  • Deburring

Peerless cuts materials accurately to your ordered size with saw capacities up to 26 by 40 inches, and multiple cutting up to any specified length.

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