Plate Steel

Peerless Steel carries a variety of steel plates in various grades of popular carbon and alloy steels.

When tomorrow is too late, Peerless Steel delivers today!

Plate Steel Types Grades in Stock
Carbon Grades 1018, 1020, A-36, Kleen Cut 20, and 1060 Fineline
Alloy Grades 8620, 6150, 4140, 4142 HT. - 26-32 R/C
4140 Now thru 12-1/4" Thickness. Most alloy plate grades are calcium treated for improved machinability.
Tool Steel O-1, O-6, A-2, D-2, and S-7 thru 12" Thickness


A low carbon high manganese chemistry with controlled sulfer addition coupled with special calcium treatment process results in a uniform free machining carbon plate that process results in a uniform free machining carbon that saves up to 30% in machine time over regular carbon plate.

AISI C-1060 FM*

Fineline As Rolled and Annealed

A high carbon chemistry with improved properties. This produces a plate product with better internal qualities and improved mechanical properties. This high carbon grade responds favorably to flame hardening.

AISI 8620 FM*

A case hardening alloy plate that is used where high strength and excellent wear characteristics and are needed, and where a tough ductile core is required. Relatively low distortion and growth during heat treatment and hardening over a wide range is an advantages of this grade.

AISI 4140 FM*

As Rolled and Annealed

A medium carbon alloy grade that is used for many parts requiring high tensile strength and toughness. It may be heat treated safely over a wide range to give the combined advantages of hardness, strength and ductility.

AISI 4142 FM*

Heat Treated

This alloy grade is slightly modified with high carbon content and vanadium addition. This plate product is normalized and tempered to 261-321 BHN range in plates up to 3 inches thick and 241-321 BHN range above 3 inches thick. The obvious advantage of this alloy plate product is that it may be used without further heat treatment.

AISI 6150 Annealed

A chrome-vanadium alloy steel designed for strength, toughness and has good impact properties. The medium-high carbon content produces hardness ranges up to C-55RC with very good micro-structure.


  • Flame Cutting - Straight Line or Contour
  • Plate Sawing
  • Heat Treating, Stress Relieving, Normalizing, and Annealing
  • Blanchard or Mattison Finish Grinding
  • Special Testing
  • Shot or Sand Blasting
  • Milling
  • Deburring
  • Straightening

Our computerized flame-cutting equipment provides us with capability of producing plate steel in practically any shape and size you may need. Many types of carbon and alloy steel may be precision flame-cut from one piece to hundreds of identical pieces on our production cutting equipment.

We also have added Internet access to receive CAD Data to our computerized plate department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your drawing with your specifications is all we need to develop quality burn-outs. We are able to receive DWG, DXF, PRT and IGS file formats. Our plate department's e-mail is

* FM denotes "Free Machining" chemistry.