Tool Steel

Peerless Steel stocks only high-quality certified tool steels.

Peerless — it’s not just our name, it’s our reputation.

Tool Steel Types Grades in Stock
Tool Steel L-6, M-2, O-1, O-6, A-2, D-2, S-7, H-13, Flats, Rounds & Squares, thru 12x30
Drill Rod W-1, O-6, A-2, D-2, and S-7
Ground Flat Stock O-1, O-6, A-2, A-6, D-2, S-7, M-2, M-7, Low Carbon & 4142 HT

AISI 0-1 Oil Hardening

This Oil Hardening grade gives excellent performance where relatively high hardness and deep penetration with minimum distortion is required. 0-1 is easy to machine, safe in hardening, with good wear resistance and toughness.

AISI 0-6 Oil Hardening

This grade of tool steel offers outstanding ease of machining. These graphitic particles added increased resistance to wear and galling in service. 0-6 is safe and easy to handle during heat treatment, due to the broad hardening range. Flats and squares sizes are regular 0-6 material, rounds are Graph-MO*.

AISI A-2 Air Hardening 5% Chrome

This is a alloy air hardening tool steel of 5% chromium content. A-2 has the ability to hold a keen cutting edge, has good abrasion resistance, good toughness and fair machinability. This grade has excellent non-deforming properties and should be considered for medium long run dies.

AISI D-2 Air Hardening 12% Chrome

This grade has a high degree of hardness and wear resistance combined with toughness. Distortion is reduced due to air hardening and it has better stability after heat treatment then any other cold work die steel.

AISI S-7 Shock Resisting Steel

This is a shock resisting steel with exceptional impact properties. It has physical properties that make it suitable for an extremely wide range of tool and die applications where shock resistance, medium hot-work properties, ease of machining, and safe heat treatment are important.

All cold work grades of tool steel, in the popular thicknesses, are stocked in widths of 30" . This allows a wide range of special sizes that may be sawed from these wide Tool steel widths.


  • Accurate Sawing or Cutting
  • Optional Special Tolerance Grinding
  • Machining
  • Special Testing
  • Special Sizes from Plates and Forgings
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